Thursday, 23 September 2010

Welcome to The Bristoletta.

I’m a girl, I live in Bristol, and I enjoy reading about lifestyle, fashion, beauty, health, relationships, trends... I love magazines, basically. But more and more I notice that the glossy magazines I go to for my hits of these all seem to assume that the world revolves around London. It doesn’t.
Bristol is heaving with stylish, creative, intelligent women who love this city and have chosen to make it their home. And who wouldn‘t want to live here? We have a thriving arts and music scene, fabulous places to eat, drink and dance and a staggering choice when it comes to dressing ourselves and our homes - ranging from the quirkiest independent boutiques to the big hitters down in Cabot Circus.
So the idea of this blog is to provide an alternative to all those London-centred magazines.
This is a place to celebrate and explore what the women of Bristol want, think and feel. What they wear, where they go out, who they date, what their dreams are, and what they love about living here.
I hope you enjoy it. And I don’t want this to be about me (well, maybe a bit about me.) I’ll be enlisting the help of the Bristol girls I know along the way, but sadly I don’t know you all, so please get in touch and let me know about your life and your Bristol. That way, we can all enjoy it together.


  1. Hi Bristoletta, I couldn't agree more with what you're saying! Every time I flick through a magazine it's all about what's going on in London - the Culture supplement with the Sunday's Times drives me crazy as all it features is exhibitions or shows on in the big smoke - very frustrating for those of us that don't live there!

    I work for the clifton hotels group and we're always writing blogs about things going on in and around Bristol, feel free to check it out and let us know what you think -

    Really enjoy your posts, they make for very entertaining reading!


  2. Thanks Sarah, glad you like the blog and I'm so with you on the Culture supplement - it's like there's nothing worth mentioning going on in the rest of the country when we know that's not true!
    I've had a quick look at your blogs and they look really interesting. I'll make sure I keep an eye on them