Tuesday, 9 November 2010

Koala Eyes

I read in the “Beauty Bible” section of a Sunday supplement recently that Koala Eyes are the new must have look. The magazine helpfully explained that to achieve this desirable effect you should “white out the whole ocular area”; that means no mascara and bleached brows.
As a strawberry blonde I don’t need a team of make-up artists to help me perfect this look – I was born with it. So I should be rejoicing that I’m finally bang on trend.
But in truth I’m just a little bit horrified. Believe me, bleached brows and blonde lashes don’t make you look pale and mysterious, they make you look tired and peculiar – as though a child has drawn on your face but forgotten some of the key features. This is why mascara and eyelash dye have been my best friends since I was about 13. And why very few people have seen me without one or the other. Or, usually, both.
And I’ll be sticking with them, thank you very much, whatever the Beauty Bibles may tell me.

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