Wednesday, 9 February 2011


Just a little snippet of a post but while waiting to pay at the Holland and Barrett in Clifton Down shopping centre today I heard the following conversation:

First woman: "Oh yes. I swear by linseed. It's great, it's done wonders for me."
Second woman: "Really?"
First woman: "Yes, it's so good for you. Really, really good for you."
Second woman: "In what way?"
First woman: "It's an anti-oxidant. No, wait, it's not an anti-oxidant. It's.. I can't remember what it does. But it's really healthy. It's one of these miracle foods."
Second woman: "Oooh, I'll have to get some."

Brilliant stuff. And Holland and Barrett are laughing all the way to the bank.


  1. I like the snippet approach!

    As for the overheard conversation - it demonstrates the power of word-of-mouth from someone you trust.

    As for lovely linseed: it is rich in omega-3s and two teaspoons a day is also a gentle, natural way of keeping poos regular.

    Hope that was not too much information but linseed is too wonderful not to sing its praises...

  2. I always get confused between linseed and flaxseed, which I think is also very good for you? And I seem to remember my brothers used to rub linseed oil on theiw new cricket bats, but maybe I've got that very wrong.