Tuesday, 19 October 2010

Dance off

When I have a lazy Saturday to fill in Bristol I often wander down to the Arnolfini. For me, it’s one of the best things about the city – a handsome building, right on the bustling waterfront, with an exciting and original range of exhibitions. And it’s free.
A friend was staying this weekend so we meandered down there, basking in the balmy October sunshine. As part of the gallery’s Autumn Dance season performing art company mouth To mouth were hosting  their Virtual Jukebox, which brought members around the world together, via web link-up, for a dance-off. Visitors could select the music they danced to.
I love a good dance-off. I’ve taken part in a fair few myself, although these are normally at about 3am after several shots of tequila, rather than 3pm after nothing stronger than a milky coffee.
But, although I didn’t feel brave enough to join in, there was something incredibly uplifting about watching four people dancing uninhibitedly to the same tune, hundreds of thousands of miles apart.
I’m sure there were all kinds of messages in there about modern technology and communication, but what I took away from it was a reminder that, when you want to revel in a sense of unbridled joy in your mere existence, nothing beats a good dance.
See here for what else is coming up at the Arnolfini http://www.arnolfini.org.uk/

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