Wednesday, 6 October 2010

Shopping away the blues

After a hectic weekend of seeing friends and family up in London, all fuelled by more alcohol than is medically advisable, I was feeling a severe case of the Monday blues. A good stiff drink normally sorts this out but I could hear my liver sobbing, so next on the list of quick-fix pick-me-ups was obviously some retail therapy.
I tend to gravitate more towards smaller more independent boutiques and charity shops rather than the big chains. I’ve nothing against the high street, I just sometimes find it all a bit overwhelming.
But after a long Monday at work I wanted pure escapism from the working week. I needed a haven from all the troubles and strifes of life, so there was only one place to go – Cabot Circus.
As soon as I walked across the walkway from the car-park I felt my breathing calm and the stresses of the day float away. All I had to think about was clothes, beautiful, frivolous clothes. Clothes I didn’t need or even know I wanted until I saw them.
I hit House of Fraser first, where I lusted over the new Biba designs, particularly a black velvet maxi dress and sequined cardigan. I held back from buying then and there but will definitely be back nearer the Christmas party season.
Office had some beautiful brogues which I stroked for a while. I haven’t bought into this trend yet but I can feel my resolve weakening by the day, especially now autumn is here, calling for sensible but stylish footwear.
In Urban Outfitters I really hit my stride, hauling an armful of cardigans, culottes, shorts and skirts to the dressing room (they let you take a lot into the cubicles, which are also gratifyingly large). I twirled in a beautiful pair of navy polka dot culottes for a while, before deciding the fabric separating the legs would annoy me and settling on a jersey skirt in green. From there I skipped on to Oasis, where I rapidly added a fitted black jumper with sequined bow detail and a black and white lace top to my booty.
Oasis has launched a new Style Icon range and I really though either the Stephanie or the Audrey trousers would finally solve my search for the perfect pair of cropped, black trousers. Sadly not. Somehow both the 10 and eight were both too large and too small at the same time. I don’t think I’m that strangely shaped but this always happens to me.
So my quest for the perfect pair of trousers continues but Cabot Circus had done the trick and dragged me out of my start of the week dumps. I might make it a regular Monday evening thing – while my bank account can hold out at least.

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